Sikandarabad Valley


Sikandarabad (Urduسکندر آباد‎) is a village located in the Nagar District of Gilgit–Baltistan in Pakistan. It is the headquarter of district "Nagar "tehsil. "Sikandarabad" is located on "Karakoram Highway(KKH)"."Sikandarabad" is a mountainous area. It is along the "Karakoram range". It is near base camp of "Rakaposhi" mountain. around "Skandarabad" there are the great "karakoram range"mountains. people cultivate many fruit trees and also vegetables, for example, cherry, apples, peach, apricot, potatoes, and maize. It also has dry fruits trees, for example, walnut, almond, and dry apricot.

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its area is about 1.5 sqkm and population upto 5 thousands.