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The Sevendays Winter Feast concluded at the frozen Khalti Lake Ghizer


The ‘Sevendays Winter Feast 2024’ Second Edition concluded on (Wednesday) with exhilarating winter festivities. From January 22 to 24, this enchanting event celebrated the unique charm of winter and showcased the region’s year-round potential as an exceptional destination.

The Gilgit-Baltistan Department of Tourism, Sports, and Culture organized this winter fest. The inspiration behind Sevendays is drawn from the majestic Snow Leopard, the ruler of the snow-covered forests and high alpine regions. The theme of Sevendays symbolizes the intriguing fact that snow leopard cubs are born blind, and it takes precisely seven days for them to open their eyes.

Via the Sevendays winter feast platform, the WWF, Parks and Wildlife, and the IUCN geared up to conduct campaigns and drives for the conservation of this extremely precious animal.

On this concluding day, cultural shows, including the mesmerizing ‘Shaap’ theatre production and the Silk Route Caravan exhibition, have paid homage to the region’s rich customs and culture. Celebrating diversity and unity through sports and festivals has been a resounding theme, fostering peace and togetherness.

The festival stalls, vibrant and diverse, have served as hubs of activity, showcasing handmade crafts, artisanal food, and the unparalleled expertise of handicapped individuals in the realm of artisanal handicrafts. These stalls have not only added beauty and enjoyment but also provided a window into the traditions and customs of the region, fostering an appreciation for different cultures.

Traditional games like Baasra and Pindok have connected participants to the region’s glorious antiquity. The inaugural Ice Sculpture Exhibition, curated by experienced artists, has left an indelible mark, turning frozen waters into breathtaking cultural artworks.

As the Sevendays Winter Feast 2024 concludes, the echoes of folklore narrations by older people to children add a touch of tradition, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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